From CT to NYC, Let’s go to MommyCon!

Mark your calendar April 7, 2018, and let’s go to New York City!

Lots of companies, stores, and products focus on babies, children and different ways of parenting will be there for us to learn, shop and explore their products. The best part is getting to know other parents in this same crazy and fun adventure called parenting. True is that there is going to be lots of promo for natural parenting but it is that something that you don’t 100% practice or know much about it, don’t let that make you look away and then miss the fun, the new toys, products and to be “up to date” in parenting “stuff”, also the workshops are super helpful last year I enjoyed the potty training one! Oh my! I’m not alone! When you think is getting easier and then realize that is “easier” but complicated at the same time, is a hard realization!

Sooo, let’s go! I went early this year 2017 from Hartford, CT to NYC approx. 2.5hrs away with my 20 months old at that moment and my husband. We love NY so it was not a hard decision. We took advantage of the trip and went to some of our delicious spots in NY and of course lots of pictures, sweets and warms nuts from the streets, there’s always a good reason to visit New York. I wished we had stayed for the weekend, but we didn’t need it, it was a bit cold so staying to hang around for the next days was not a good plan with a toddler. We drove from Hartford and reserved parking through a parking app and arrive around 10:00 am, had brunch, went to the convention, had lunch in a delicious Cuban place, went back to the convention and again at the end of the MommyCon we went for some NY treats and drove back home with a very tired toddler that slept the 2hrs back, even though she napped for a while in my back (babywearing “perks”?) she slept the way back, thank goodness! I also had a nap on our way back, hehehe! thanks, hubby! so by around 7:00 pm we were back home.

We were too scare to get there by train with our active toddler, plus it was cold, but sure is a good option, and now even more than the hotel this year is next to Grand Central so extra walking  or even a taxi NOT is required + Magnolia Bakery is in Grand Central now and Baked by Melissa is in the same building that the hotel the MommyCon is, mmm! I love cupcakes as you can see.

One of the fun part for lots of parents is the gifts bags for the premium tickets or the awesome gift bags for the VIP tickets.

If you buy the VIP ticket you will get an awesome gift bag, plus includes 2-day admission (Friday and Saturday) and will give you access to all sessions (including some special VIP only sessions on Friday), event elements, and the exhibitor hall on Saturday. Additional perks to be announced. Price: $150.00.

Another favorite ticket is the premium one, this one includes single day admission on Saturday and will give you access to that day’s sessions, event elements, and exhibitor hall. Premium admission attendees will receive a gift bag. Regular price: $45.00

This year they are including a lower price ticket with no bag, is the General admission. I think is an excellent companion ticket, this general admission includes single day admission on Saturday and will give you access to that day’s sessions, event elements, and exhibitor hall. This ticket does not include a gift bag. Regular price: $25.00.

You can buy any of this tickets with a 10% discount using this code WITTYKALY18


Check the past year’s speakers so you can have an idea of what to expect from the workshops or chats and check the sponsors so you can have an idea of what to expect in the gift bags and on the exhibition floor. They will be posting more info soon, we still have 7 months left so let’s give them some time! I can’t wait to see what new is coming!

This year the MommyCon is going to be at:

Grand Hyatt New York

109 E. 42nd St.
New York, NY 10017
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